Help for Rio 2016 Soccer Manager

At first type in your coaches name.
Afterwards you get into the start menu.

Start menu

Your team plays with the strength your measures have caused. The points will be added to your profile.

Assistant coach:
Your team gets six stars. No points will be added to your profile.

Single Match:
Without coaching statistics or highscore - you'll have to show your skills to beat your opponent.
Choose your team first and then your opponent. The selection doesn't have any influence on the strength of your team. Your coaching abilities decide about victory or defeat.
This way you are able to "simulate" actual matches from the Rio 2016 Soccer Men.

The button "Battle" appears, if you have typed in a BattleID in your "Private list". Your friends have to type in the same BattleID, so they can be seen in "Highscore" and "Battle".

Main menu

In the main menu you get all the important information just like fixtures, tables, statistics and dates. In "Options" you can also make adjustments of the sound and your "Private list" or start a new game.
Now choose "1. Matchday" or "Single match".


Here you see your team. Some of your players have issues.
Now tap on the players marked with an exclamation mark.
You can see your players issue and your opportunities for action.
Decide how to fix your players issue. Sometimes more than one way can be successful.
A player, for example, can improve the quality of his passing either by doing a passing or a crossing routine.


Here you see your next opponent and your teams strategy and lineup.

To adjust your team you should find out, which strategy the opposing team uses.
Go back to the main menu and choose "Statistics" and "Teams". Search for your next opponent and keep his strategy in mind.


Now go back to the main menu and tap on the current matchday and go further to your lineup. Now choose a strategy, that allows your team to compete.

There are three possible strategies: offensive, possession, counter. For each strategy there are two different lineups.
Against a team, that tries to pass the ball a lot, you should attack to prevent their build-up.
A team with high attacking power can be beaten by standing deep and trying to run some attacks on your own, if there is an opportunity.
If your opponent stands deep, you should play patient to avoid dangerous ball losses.


In the last step it is your task to fill each position with the best possible solution.
Take care, that every nominated player plays on his preferred position.
A defender will not have a big impact in midfield and a midfielder will not create the goal threat an attacking player is able to.
Additionally you should be aware, if one of your substitutes is in better shape than one of you currently nominated players.
If you have completed your arrangements, tap "Play".

Auswertung deiner Trainerleistung

Before the match starts, you can see a short evaluation of you coaching measures. This decides, how strong your team will be in the upcoming match.
At last choose your teams jersey and tap "Kick off" to start the match.

Live ticker

During the live ticker you can adjust your teams alignment from cautious to agressive by tapping on the respective button. You can skip the live ticker, but will miss the exciting animations.

Match analysis

If the match is over, you get to an article, where your match is analyzed.

Now go back to the main menu to prepare your team for the next matchup or take a look at the other matches of the current matchday.

Have fun!

Highscore Top1000

Battle Table for Browser